May 04

Who in the heck….

And much to my surprise, as I walked down Church Street….  very late last night ….  I heard it.  Ever so faintly.  Tiny little voices.

No you Silly-Willikins.  Not the voices in my head.  Small, diminutive, faint, little voices.  They were coming from that pipe there.  Or so I thought.

And then, upon closer inspection, I figured it out.  They were coming from the Speck.  Yes.  The tiny Speck on the twig near the leaf.  From that little fleck of fuzziness were coming voices.

“Whhhoooooooo Rah, Whhooooo Rah.  Whhhoooooooo Rah. Whhhoooooo Rah.”

Whoville.  Who knew?  Right there.  On a little speck, stuck to a little twig, near a gas pipe, on Church Street.

As it turns out, there is quite a commotion going on in Whoville right now.  The 96 daughters of Mayor Ned McDodd, and his wife Sally…. well..  … .. they are pissed.

Seems the one and only son of the family …  the stick in the mud…  JoJo…. always gets all the attention of the Mayor.  In fact, Mayor McDodd wants JoJo to succeed him as Mayor, giving no consideration to the talent of his daughters.

According to the daughters, in a statement released to the press just yesterday, “We are sick and tired of this Dr. Suess character, and all the other Who-ites… WHO continually discriminate against us based on sex.  We have witnesses who actually saw four of the daughters blowing the horns to save Whoville.  We also feel, that many of us, are better equipped to be successors to the Mayor’s seat.”

Surprisingly, the mother of the brood, Sally McDodd, has joined in the movement.  She has also asked for a recount.  She believes there are actually 97 daughters, and she would like credit where credit is due.

Mayor McDodd could not be reached for comment.

The tension  of the situation rose to critical levels yesterday evening when protesting broke out in the streets of Whoville.  The 96 daughters staged a sit-in on the courthouse steps, which successfully blocked all government proceedings for the day.  Mean while, the Speck took flight, and landed in Charleston.

Which is about the time I walked by.   I’ll tell you….   so much to be discovered … on this tiny dab of dab.  Had I not been listening carefully… I surely would have missed it.

Once again, this proves to me that life’s greatest treasures are often found in the things which are right in front us.   The very small might go unnoticed.  Undetected.

But don’t let it pass you by.  For that is often…… where the entire universe resides.


“Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.”
– C. S. Lewis