May 13

Captain DIY

Ah. The old DIY…. as it has come to be known these days.  Yes.  Do It Yourself Projects.  It is kind of a “fad” thing now.  There are books, and YouTubes, and columns…. I think there is even a DIY Network.

Anything for a buck, I suppose.

But growing up… everything was DIY in our household.  But we never called it that.  Dad just fixed things… and we kids…. well…. we “helped”….

It didn’t matter what it was really.  Leaky roof.  Pipes.  Patching cement.  Painting.  The washing machine.  Oh… I LOVED it when the washing machine went on the fritz.  My Dad would always sing the song…

“Go on home, your mother is calling.  Your father is stuck in the washing machine.  Go on home, your mother is calling.  She can not get the clothes clean.”  That rocked.

He always sang, or whistled, while we worked.  It made it more fun, I think.

Anyway.  These days, it is somehow “cool” to embark on the iconic DIY Project.   I’ve always liked to fix things on my own.  But the older I get… the less frequently I take on the big endeavors.  Well… this was my week.  I took on two big projects around the house… at once.  Ambition seems to get the best of me.

I have been told that I am a bit of a Perfectionist.  In some ways it is true.  I have found that when I start out on a project, I am very diligent indeed.  I am methodical.  Meticulous.  Yes, most careful and thorough.

But I have also discovered, that by third day of the project, with sore muscles, and tired eyes…. I rely on a few catch phrases to get me through the task at hand.

They include…. “That’s close enough.”   “That will do.”  And… toward the very end… and most frequently… “Awww.  Who really gives a sheet.”

Here it is Sunday night, and I am still not wrapped on either one.  Close… but no cigar.  So I will kick off my Monday with the toolbox in hand.  And of course, a song in my heart.

I learned that one from my Dad.


“A positive attitude may not solve every problem but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience.” – Grant Fairley