May 14


Life brings us all sorts of things.  You just never know what it will be… or when it will happen.  Tonight, I was inspired, once again, by someone very dear to me.    She has such a loving and generous heart.  She seems to move through life with kindness and compassion on her every thought.

While life is sometimes good and joyful……   other times…  it can bring us challenges… or even hardships.   I much prefer it when it is full of delight, and felicity.  I have a tendency to get pretty troubled… when things are troubled.  With a capital T.

So.  I will keep on learning from others’ examples.  Both good and bad.

And with all of that…. there is one thing I have come to know.  It is always good to laugh.  Unless, of course, you are funeral or something… and all you can think about is clown farts.  That’s not such a good time to laugh.

So tonight… just  a couple of funnies….  to lighten thing up around here…..


===============================  Toot  =======

A couple of young tourists are pulled over by a highway patrolman. The officer walks up, asks for the driver’s license and registration.  So….when the officer doesn’t get it quickly enough,  he whacks the driver right in the head.

“That’s for not having your driver’s license ready,” he snaps. “I ain’t got all day.” After he issues the driver a ticket, the patrolman walks around to the other side of the car and whacks the passenger in the head.

“Owwww!” hollers the passenger. “What’d you do that for?”

“That’s to make your dream come true,” replied the cop. “I know that when you’d gotten a half-mile down the road, you were gonna say to your friend here, ‘Wish he’d tried that with me!'”

===============================  Honk =======

There was an old sea captain with a wooden leg, a hook for a hand and a black patch over one eye.  One day, he is telling a young boy how he got his injuries:

“It was a big sea battle, lad. A cannonball flew across the deck and took off me leg. Later a doctor friend fixed me up with this wooden one.”

“Wow.  How did you lose your hand?” asks the kid. “Well… it was the same battle, lad. The pirates, they boarded me ship and their captain, he whacked off me hand with his cutlass. Later, the doctor friend gave me this hook.”

Then, the boy says. “I guess you lost your eye in the same battle.”

“No”. says the captain. “I was looking up one day, and a seagull crapped right in me eye.” “Gee” says the kid “You mean the seagull’s crap blinded you?.”

“No” the captain replies,”First day with me new hook.”


And that is the end of the road tonight.  I’m off the hook.