Before tweeting was cool.

A little bird told me so.

This little phrase means that some sort of knowledge has been gathered OR “heard” from an “undisclosed source.”

Now this “undisclosed source” could be one of many different things.   Perhaps it is a bit of information which you have heard something through the grapevine.  Another idiom.

OR, it could be another way of saying… “our sixth sense”…. “our third eye”… “our intuition”

Whatever the case.   You didn’t know “it” before.  And now you do.

It could be anything.  That hunch.  That sneaky feeling.  That tap on the shoulder.  That piece of SkyLab crashing through your roof and onto your living room floor.

Most of the times… I try to squelch my intuition.  Stupid me.  I think we are better served if we listen to that “inner voice”… the one we can’t explain.  It is the one that often knows best.  Whether we like to admit it or not.

Logical thought is great and precious commodity in life.  This I will tell you.

But perhaps, intuition… TRULY being in touch with one’s intuition… is by far, a greater gift of knowledge.

A little bird told me so.

I guess in some ways… it is good to be a bird brain.


“The only real valuable thing is intuition.” – Albert Einstein