The Hit Fit the Shan.

Well.  Today, The Sh*t Hit The Fan.

This phrase has been around for quite sometime.  I sincerely dislike it when the sh*t hits the fan.  I do not care for it.  Not one little bit.

But as I thought about this today… the proverbial crap hitting a supposed fan… I simply had to ask the obvious.

Where did this phrase come from?  How…. on God’s Green Earth… did this one get started?

I can only imagine the first case scenario of this.

No.  I take that back.  I cannot possibly imagine anything that may have happened in a real life situation…   Are Floyd and Raymond sitting around the office on a hot day?  Floyd has to crap.  So he just drops ’em right and let’s loose.  It then hits the fan… covering his boss… Raymond in poop?

Raymond fires Floyd because the sh*t hit the fan?

No. I say.  No.

The phrase itself means that there is a point at which an already unstable situation devolves into utter chaos.  This is often in spite of…. or quite possibly…. even due to someone’s attempt to control it.

But how did it start?

I mean…..  SOMETHING happened SOMEWHERE… that put this “imagery” in someone’s head… and hence the phrase to be spoken aloud.  And it must have happened more than once… as the phrase certainly took hold and caught on.

Oh bother.  I just am perplexed by this.  As far as anyone can tell… it has been around since the 1930s. But no real explanation lies therein.

I have heard that it comes from farmers using manure spreaders.

But again.  There is no such evidence supports this origin.  It has appeared in song, dance, and books.  Movies.  It is everywhere.  At times… in our own lives.  So.  There you have it. One of the world’s great mysteries.

But I am certain of one thing.  I do not like it when the sh*t hits the fan.  And boy do we ever know when it is happening.

And… the long and short of it.   I think someone just made up the saying, right out of the clear blue.

I think that I shall propose some new ones.

Boy oh boy.  The ferret really exploded.

Oh my goodness.  Did the candle melted on that one!

The mayonnaise up and spoiled.

Okay.  Let’s face it.  None of these are really working too well.  When the sh*t hits the fan, the sh*t hits the fan.  And there is no way around it.  No way.   No how.


“The biggest cause of trouble in the world today is that the stupid people are so sure about things and the intelligent folks are so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell