Smart Geese and Fast Fleas


I ponder things every day.  I don’t know if I do it more, or less than anyone else.  I just churn a lot around between my ears.

Once again, I’ve noticed that this world of ours is in persistent motion.  A spin of a blur.  Yepperoni.  Life is Transformation.  The Daily Change.  Everything is in a constant state of transfiguration and reshaping.

Here are a few…. from this particular day.

Old Merriam-Webster added words to their English Dictionary…  100 were incorporated this year.  Some that made the list, much to my chagrin:  Man Cave.  Bucketlist.  Sexting. Cloud Computing.  Game Changer.  Gastropub.  F-Bomb.  Aha Moment.

I have a certain resistance to these official language changes.  I feel like somehow… they are inherently wrong. But as I just mentioned.  Everything is in a clutter of metamorphosis.

Alas.. Prithee!  I faith, not a whit do I giveth for this nonsense.  By my fay.  Bless the mark, I beggeth thee.)   So there you have it.  We don’t talk like Shakespeare anymore… and I am glad for that too.  That was an Aha Moment.

~~~  – –  ~~~

Here is another.  Dogs have changed my life, for sure.   And it seems all many relationships with our domesticated pets have evolved.  It is different for everyone…. but I certainly know I love my dogs.  (Hmmm. I have not been so lucky with cats. )

But here is breaking news about felines.

Cats are making good money.  As models.  The most famous fashion cat of them all is named Choupette.   She is owned by Karl Lagerfeld.  This guy is Andy Warhol meets Willy Wonka….  he doesn’t look like a real person in most photographs I have seen of him.  Yet. His cat makes big money as a model.  In Paris.  I bet she is allowed on the furniture.

~~~  – –  ~~~

I saw some birds today flying in the southerly fashion.  They were in the V.  Now, while I think it is too early, I am sure those birds know better than I, when it is time.  They are a smart bunch, you see.

Migrating geese fly in a V-formation to save energy. A goose’s wings churn the air and leave an air current behind. In the flying wedge-formation, each of those smarty-pants birds are in a position to get a lift from the bird ahead. It is easier going for all, except the leader.

We could learn from these birds, I’ll tell you that much right now.  During a migration, geese are apt to take turns in the lead position. Wise as Owls.

~~~  – –  ~~~

Fleas can accelerate 50 times faster than the space shuttle.  Tell that to your dog while she is scratching like crazy.  Fleas are fast.

~~~  – –  ~~~

So. What does it all mean?  It means I yammer too much.

And.  Well, I’ve said this all before.

I think it means this.  Change is inevitable.  It all…. every little molecule of it… is whirling and swirling, and switching and twitching.  It makes my head thunk like crazy just to think about it.  Oh… ……. but my head.

If I could just get this through my dense  head… that everything changes.

Maybe that is why I write about it as much as I do.

I’m always trying to put the brakes on.  It seems.

Yet, when we are in the middle of that glorious motion, it means we are alive.  And that is the best part of all.

I read once that there is a test to see if you life’s mission is completed or not.  If you are alive…. your mission isn’t finished.

Yep.  To be alive and in the thick of it.   As sure as….. as… fleas are fast.


“Each person’s task in life is to become an increasingly better person.”
-Leo Tolstoy