Sigh Low. Dream High.


Farmer Mavis Claxton climbed up and down the grain bin ladder… for years.  Up and down.  Some days… he would climb that metal ladder 3 and 4 times, depending on the graininess of the day.

On Tuesdays and Thursday, Ol’ Mavis would sit on top of the silo, and eat his lunch.  Most of the time, it was ham and cheese on white… with mayonnaise.  And potato chips.  His wife, Ruth would pack it for him.  She was very kind, like that.

So twice a week, Farmer Claxton would sit at the very apex of that structure, and wish he had a Grain Elevator.  Lots of other farmers had those elevators.  Mavis had to keep climbing that old rickety ladder….

Mavis and Ruth worked hard to grow the plants that made the grain, to fill the bin.  They would get up before the sun… just to set about these chores.  It is just what they did.  Most days, this made them tired.  Dog tired.

So, year after year, the Claxtons filled the bin, and emptied the bin, and filled it and then… back to nothing again.  Mavis ate his sandwiches.  Ruth tended the goats.  It was goat cheese on the sandwiches after all.  They had pigs too.  Hence, the ham.

But I digress.  Not only was Ruth a terrific sandwich-maker… she was a dreamer too.  One day… she said… “Mavis.  This year… let’s fill the bin with Twizzlers, Skittles, and Ju Ju’s. And Mavis smiled.

So they did.

Instead of planting the plants that make grain, they planted cane sugar, and red dye number 40.  They made the candy, and filled the silo, with all the candy that they loved to buy at the moving picture shows.

Now there were DVDs.  So…. Mavis and Ruth rented movies… like Dog Day Afternoon, and Finding Nemo.  At night, they watched those videos in the farm house, and snacked on Skittles, and such.

This made them happy.  As happy as could be.

They have no idea what seeds they will sew next year.

And this too…

… ….. makes them happy.

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis