The countdown… counted down.

Tonight, I sit all by myself in a hotel room.  Long story… but I am helping my parents right now.  And here I am.

Did I ever imagine I would be at the Drury Inn to be writing this last installment on Project 188?  Not in a million years.  And I have not seen the Muffin Man.    Nevertheless.

Isn’t it fitting, really?  This is the subject I have written about almost every day for the past three years.  Life’s unpredictability.  Every day, it is something new…. and unforeseen.

It could be out-of-the-blue new.  Or it could just be  a little  twist in the ordinary.  But every day is…. at the very least…. a little, teensy-weensy different than the day before.  And so it goes.  Oh, I can hear the tick tock.

Without getting too long winded tonight, I have included some random entries from the past three years.  I haven’t missed a day in that time (although there were a couple of occasions when internet connectivity hampered a timely posting.)

I have included the very first entry from Project 372… and then a couple more.  They are random…. ones that I pulled out of the hat.  I left the magic white bunny in the hat, just so you know.  However,  there is no rhyme or reason behind the selections.

Here is the thing though.  The most of all.  Right now… I really want to say THANK YOU.  Most sincerely.  To all my friends and loved ones…. who trudge through this yammering every day.  It means a great deal to me.

YOU mean a great deal to me.  From the bottom of my heart.  Because.  So many times… you have helped my heart find its wings.

And that…. as they say…..

is all she wrote.


Randomish ONE

January 31

Today, for the first day of the project, I just set out with my camera for one looop around the short block.  Meeting to Ladson to King to Prices Alley to Meeting.  That was it.  I wanted to keep it very limited, to see what I could see.  This was an exercise in forcing me to look, and also in thinking about what I could do with certain images in post production.

And this is what I came up with:  Some watermeter covers on Ladson.  I’m not sure there are really meters underneath.  It could be the entrance to the long, lost civilization of Borrowers, or Swamp Rats, or just a bunch of Little People.


Randomly TWO

On a Sunday, April 18th, I wrote….

Einstein Died.  On this date, in 1955:     Physicist Albert Einstein died at age 76.  He had to leave.


Randomment THREE

On an August 7th….

When bad things happen to good frogs?
Tonight, I have a little story about Frederick the Frog.  Don’t let this flattened amphibian fool you. The Insect World knew him as “Freddy Four Fingers.”

He took out hundreds of flies, gnats, moths, and such in his day.  If it had wings, Freddy got da’ job done.  But he finally got his alright.  Tonight, while sitting there under the porch light (listening to Sinatra),  a mob of fire flies dropped a rock on his head.  Done.  Word on the street goes:  Manny the Monarch ordered the hit.  And the Carboni Bunnies were in on it too.

Freddie leaves a wife and 4,293 tadpoles.


Randomer FOUR

And.  On a January 4th.

Unexplained feathers

I believe in Guardian Angels.

I am not talking about the motorcycle gang. Although they do exist. No.

I believe in the ethereal type. I haven’t been reminded of them in a long time. But today I saw a painting…. which prompted all of this.

The story behind the painting is this.

It depicts a woman, kayaking down a stream which is canopied with trees from bank to bank. The sun is splintering through the trees and a light fog is resting on the water. The sunlight is falling every so gently.

There is a large area of heavy mist near the woman…. and in that haze…. there appears to be a figure of an angel. It is a beautiful painting.   The thing of it is…. the painting is a rendering of an actual photograph.

The woman in the painting had breast cancer. Her health declining. Her husband was the artist. On that day… he photographed her kayaking along the river. It was her last time out. She died shortly thereafter. When he reviewed the photographs with his brother, they saw the image of the angel in the mist. So he painted it. And that is what I saw today.

I don’t feel like I am describing it very well here. But the bottom line is… I was reminded of guardian angels. They’ve been with me my whole life. Some might call it luck. Others may say it is simply….. cause, effect, and outcome. They may be right. I can’t say for sure.

But what I feel in my gut is that a guardian angel has had a hand on my shoulder on more than one occasion. I don’t know how it works either. And I can’t explain it.

I can’t really explain infinite space either. But I have read many scientific accounts which detail its existence in our cosmos. There is a lot in life that I can’t comprehend.

I think it would be extremely vain and egotistical of me….. to even expect that my insignificant little speck of a human brain….. could ever be powerful enough to decipher all the mysteries of the universe.

So maybe something “is”…. or maybe it “isn’t”.   But it is our human right…. I think…..

…. to believe.

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”  -W. Dyer