Wearing the same hat.


We had a double-sparkly good evening.

First, I picked up a pizza at the Central Avenue Drive-Thru Pizza in Camden. Once again, the Rizzzza rocked it out. Best Pizza in forever. Sparkle One.

Then, we watched The Butler. Sparkle Two. I thought it was truly a good movie. Robin Williams as Eisenhower was a stretch for me. Dwight D. was such an unfunny president … and I was just waiting for ol’ Robin to break out in a happy dance or something. Seriously though. This movie scored big with me.

Whenever I see a film like this, it gives me cause to reflect. Specifically, it made me revisit the entire Human Rights Issue. I won’t get on my soapbox tonight. I’ll just propose this.

We do not have to like everyone on this planet. Not at all. But I do think we should gladly afford ALL humans, the equal rights they deserve.

I wish that ALL people possessed the intrinsic dignity which recognizes the level course of fundamental rights for all humans.

I know a lot of people who hold this principle very true to their hearts. I also know many, who do not.

So enough from my soap box.

Instead.  Tonight…..  a Troll Conversation.

Nice Hat.
I like yours too.
Yours is a different color than mine.
Yep. Different. But not necessarily better.
I guess they are about the same shape, and size.
Yep. They sure are. In some ways, they are very much the same.

I like your hat.
I like yours too.

From the equality of rights springs identity of our highest interests; you cannot subvert your neighbor’s rights without striking a dangerous blow at your own. -Carl Shurz

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