Walk this way.

When you see this… you say… “Hedge Apple.”

When Ollie, our little ADHD Dog sees this, she says… “Where on God’s Green Earth did all these tennis balls come from.   Tennis ball. Tennis ball.  Tennis ball.”

Ahh.  And there it is.  “Perspective.”

We each have a different one, this thing we call perspective.
Webster says it is a particular attitude toward something… a way of regarding something….. OR…. a point of view.

A point of view.

I for one am glad we are all not like one another.  I think this adds a great dimension to life.  It gives us a chance to learn, AND it gives us a chance to help others learn.

Now here is another definition of perspective.  Two people are standing on a street.   A large bus is coming in their direction.  The bus is travling ever so quickly.  One person is on the sidewalk, and the other is standing in the direct path of the bus.

Two different perspectives.

If I were the person on the sidewalk, I might try to get the other individual to look at the bus from MY perspective.   Not that their point of view is completely wrong, but in a moment, there will be a scene of irreversible damage and ruination, as a result.

I would do this…. not only so that the other person may find a safe haven, but also so that I, personally, do not have to be a part of the mass destruction which is about to take place.

A vantage point can make a world of difference.

So goes our nation.  So goes our world.

“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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