Very close veins.

Certainly, this is the most considerable thing I have ever come to realize:

No one, has ever experienced anything…..  anything at all…. that wasn’t part of single moment emerging.  Every moment, and instance, unfolds unto itself.  And that is how we experience life.

We don’t do things five minutes from now.  And we surely don’t do them two weeks ago.  We are doing, what we are doing, right now.   Here.  In this very minute.

So for me, that means my life’s only challenge is dealing with the single moment I am having right now.

If only I could learn this.  And remember it.

Intellectually, this concept is quite fundamental.   It sounds easy enough to understand….. but…. is it?  You see, emotionally, spiritually, even physically, this becomes the intertwined, one-moment-depends-on-the-next-BIG-MESS that I make of it.  Twist it all up in to tiny knots… ..  … .. …. is just what I do.  (And do it well.)

It seems I am constantly trying to solve my entire life.  Worrying about things that may never occur…. battling problems that aren’t actually happening.   I try to keep it all in line, and control it.

Yet, the single, present moment, is really my only point of contact with life.  Simply, that is all there is.

Why can’t I get that?

In the middle of the forest, is a tiny speck…… on a little vein, on a leaf….  of a tree.

“To finish the moment, to find the journey’s end in every step of the road, to live the greatest number of good hours, is wisdom”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson, the Brilliant

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