What isn’t there.

Sometimes…..   what isn’t really there….. is.

I think about this sort of thing.   A shadow is…. basically…. the absence of light.   It is that  crazy dark area produced when a body comes between the source of light and an area of surface.   Whacky.  It is cast.

And.  A reflection is the “throwing back” by a body or surface of light…..  without absorbing it.  It doesn’t cast… I guess it… emits.

So a shadow comes from blocking a light source, a reflection comes from the bouncing of light of one source and on to another.

Shadows get a bad wrap if you ask me.  People think they are “shady” and “mysterious” and “dark”….  uhhhhh.. …  .. welllllll…. I guess they are all those things.  But they aren’t evil or bad.  Shadows are simply misunderstood.  AND… look at the bright side:  They don’t blind you like some reflections can.

You have to really look…. to see the great details in shadows.  Oh, but they are there.

And once your eyes adjust, and you finally see it… really see it…. then you know.  Just like the shadow knows…  you have it too.


“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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