What do we believe?

Everyone, in America, is talking about Sandy.  I think.

And well they should.

The Storm of the Century, they say.  Yet…. we keep having them back to back… as of late.

Tonight on the news, they said…. “Get used to it.  This is going to be the norm.”


Yet we continue to ignore our Planet.  Our Mother Earth.
She keeps yelling at us.  Louder and louder.

How much will it take before we get it?
Could it be too late?  How many times are we going to turn a deaf ear?
Or…. is there no such thing as damage to our planet?  There is a wide debate about this, you know.

But I ask.  Will we be able to explain this ignorance to our grand children… or great grand children?  How do explain things to them… like how bananas used to taste… or what green grass felt like under bare feet?  How do you explain the sight of a butterfly…. fluttering its wings on the fragile petal of a daisy?  When the breezes used to blow gently?  How?

Bless those who suffer through it tonight.  Bless them.

“The first duty of love is to listen.” – Paul Tillich

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