| Who Writes This? |


(Project 16.010 is written and produced by Polly Kronenberger, and Kronytown Productions.)

Polly Kronenberger was born in a different place and a different time. Well…. probably different from you. And there you have it.

The exact location and date are unknown. But scientists have estimated that the world was on an equinoxical shift …. of magnitude proportions….. during that week. That is why she leans to the left when she walks. She really can’t help it. To make matters worse, one leg is shorter than the other.

So as you see…. since the moment of birth, Kronenberger has seen the world on a slant. She seeks to find the secrets of the Universe.

She is interested in the logistics of making butter. Kronenberger keeps a pocketful of magical fairy dust with her at all times. And quantum physics is her inside job. All of this is directly connected.

Most days, Kronenberger can be found waking up and smelling the coffee. For fun, she enjoys visiting random Dunkin’ Donut Shops…. opening the door… and yelling… “Time to make the donuts.” She is certain she is part dog.

Not the walrus. But she certainly looked like a walrus until she turned two and a half.