I am a parrot.

Today is a prolific day in history, I will tell you.  At the very least… abundant.

Lots of things that give me the shimmies.  (Okay.  Funny story before I start tonight.  The shimmies reminded me of it.)

When I was a very little girl, one of our favorite neighbors, Mary Eleanor Keyes, brought over a cake for our family.  I’m sure we all sat nice around the kitchen table.  Mom or Dad surely put on a pot of strong coffee as we took our chairs.

So, as we were sampling our first bite of the cake… I think it was a fruit cake…  I made the “yuck” face and did a body-shimmy.  Miss Keyes asked why I didn’t like the cake.  And I said… “This cake makes me shake.”

Even then.  Even then.

So.  Back to the future with a historical visit.

On THIS date in history… the year  was 1788 to be exact… South Carolina became the 8th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.  What makes me quiver is this.  Our home (the back part of it) was built 9 years earlier than that…. in 1779.  That gives me the wobbles… in a good way.  Especially since a couple of those signers lived right near here.

Next… on this date.  Well…. earlier on this date… 1701.

Captain William Kidd was hanged in London after being convicted of piracy and murder.   ARRRR Matey.

Most modern historians agree, that he was merely a privateer, and railroaded by the Tory’s.    Kidd had two lawyers to assist in his defense.  He was found guilty on all charges (murder and five counts of piracy).

He was hanged  at ‘Execution Dock’, in London. During the execution, the hangman’s rope broke and Kidd was hanged on the second attempt. His body was gibbeted—left to hang in an iron cage over the River Thames at Tilbury Point—as a warning to future would-be pirates for three years.  You smell something?

His associates Richard Barleycorn, Robert Lamley, William Jenkins, Gabriel Loffe, Able Owens, and Hugh Parrot were convicted, but pardoned just prior to hanging at Execution Dock.  Basically, they all got off the hook… or the noose… for testifying against Kidd.

My favorite guy out of the bunch is Hugh Parrot.  I bet he got his bell rung quite often.  Imagine.

“Hello there Bloke.  Me name is Jack.  What is your name Matey?”
“Hugh Parrot”
“Well… no need to get smart with me your Blimey Wisecracker.  I am NOT a parrot.  Now.  I’ll ask ye’ again.  Your name Bloke?”
“Hugh Parrot.”
“Why you……….”

This would be the point in the conversation where Hugh Parrot gets his block knocked off.  I betcha’.

Finally… today is the birthday of Franz Anton Mesmer.  He was born in 1734.  A German Guy.  A Doctor.  His is best known for developing the use of Hypnosis.

I wouldn’t swear to it… but I bet we got the word “mesmerized” from this guy’s name.

Ahhh… I’m getting very sleepy.  Very sleeeeeeepy.  And that…. is all for tonight.

I’m history.


“History teaches us that men and nations behave wisely once they have exhausted all other alternatives.” – Abba Eban


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