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Since she was five years of age, artist and Photographer Polly Kronenberger felt the universal shift in the time continuum.   This was disconcerting to her parents, as young Polly began  to walk with a lean.  She would straighten pictures on walls as she would pass.  While other protested she was making them crooked, Polly knew in her heart of hearts….. the frames were now hanging exactly right.

It was the profound and glorious beginning for her artistic and photographic career.   Her Great Aunt Gerty said…”That girl needs more protein.”

Since that time, Ms. Kronenberger has been traveling the world with camera in hand.  She has been in search of the perfect waffle, even though she doesn’t eat them.  In 1973, she founded the advocacy group… “Fair and Equal Treatment of Waffles and Pancakes”  also known as FETOWAP.    It is also the the sound a flat tire makes.

Kronenberger  maintains her  search for new ideas and inspiration for the writings and images on  this site.  Recently interviewed at the National Skee Ball  Championship is Bleecker, Alabama, she stated, “I haven’t had enough coffee yet.   That is when we really start to see the squirrels fly.”

In her spare time, Kronenberger enjoys playing Uno backwards,  walking to the Piggly Wiggly when it rains, fidgeting,  and sampling ketchup packets at fast food restaurants.  She is an avid bowler, but really hasn’t been to the lanes in more than ten years.  However, she does carry the bowling bag with her to museum openings and amusement parks, just in case.

Contact Polly at any time, day or night.  polly@kronytown.com

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