This was the second project of my blogs, which started in 2009.  Over the years, I’ve experience technical glitches, mostly at the hands of my hosting provider. As such, the images have been misplaced with each blog entry. As a band-aid solution, I have created galleries with all the original photos. However, many of the writings don’t make sense without the pretty, pretty picture.  Maybe I will fix this some day, when I have have a few hundred spare hours.

Please, Ask For It….

Well, howdy, howdy, howdy. The material here is original. Some of the writings are true. Others, not so much. BUT…. this also reminds ME to remind YOU about the Copyright Laws. All entries, and images, are Copyright @2011Polly Kronenberger Photography. All Rights Reserved. Before you try to use it any of this, write me…. and I also should tell you that I have a cousin Vinny in Jersey.



Important Dates for this Project:

Born on February 7, 2011

Expires on February 10, 2012

Made from 100% RECYCLED Pixels.  Guaranteed.

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