No Capes…..

Seeing the  Little-Kid-Darth-Vader commercial on Super Bowl Sunday brought back some childhood memories for me.  My sister and I always used to play Super Hero “Something” when we were little.

I was always the “lesser” Super Hero, because I was younger and smaller, and that’s just how things go when you are kids.   We pretended to be everyone from Hercules to Aquaman.  But our “go-to-crime-fighting-duo”  always fell back to Batman and Robin.  Yeah, we’d put on our little tights, and t-shirts.  Then we’d take big ol’ safety pins from Mom’s sewing room, and attach towels around our necks.  (That was thinking, I’ll tell you….)

We leaped tall buildings daily, and were faster than most speeding bullets.  But I always, always, always, had to be Robin.  Looking back, it was the logical fit.  My sister would stand there with her hands on her hips, all big and tall, and quite Batman-esque.   And I would go around, hitting my fist in my hand, and would say things like “Holy Catfish” and “You’re a blot on the name of Gotham City!”…. ….  …….“We caught you with your feathers down.”……. or  “Holy Hot Fudge Sundaes.” Mostly “Holy” something or others.    It carried over to adulthood I’ll tell you.

…… yes…. all of it.

….. the tights…. the towel around the neck……

….running right into tall buildings….

“Holy Brick Buildings Batman.”  “Holy Steeples.”