Gone, but not forgotten kind of wind….

Tonight I am watching Gone With The Wind.  All 4 hours of it.

There’s a dang Intermission in the movie.  I forgot about that…… that movies used to have Intermissions…. especially the 240 minute variety.

At any rate,  Scarlett O’hara has one stinking bad day after another in this film.   I’ve seen her slap 3 people so far.  Hauls off and slaps them hard in the face.  And just now, she shot a man.  Point blank.  That’s some temper she’s got there.  She ought to try decaf.

My favorite character is Mammy.

Some of those winds still blow around down here, I’ll tell you.  Not gone at all.

(P.S.  It’s all connected.  Every stitch of this world.  Tara spelled backward is…..)

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