The Hook.

Busy, busy weekend.  We walked a lot.  Miles and miles.  There are many things so incredibly great about walking everywhere, but perhaps, the very best of it….. is what you get to see while you are in pedestrian-mode.  For instance, some things we saw:  lots of crazy-good dogs, including two little Westy puppies; numerous hot dogs stands… all purporting to sell the city’s best wieners; a guy with ducky-pants on (and he was old enough to know better); a Where-In-The-World’s-Waldo Guinness Book of World Record Contest… gone terribly bad; lots of grave markers; and on and on.

But perhaps the most interesting, or thought-provoking sight of the weekend:  We think we saw a hooker.  What were the identifiers?!  She was on the arm of a man at least twice her age; she was dressed a lot like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (but she rrrrreeeeeeealllllllllllly should NOT have been dressed like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman);  she had that teased-up-kind-of-hair; and a boat-load of bad makeup.  Everything was WAY TOO tight.   We thinks, we thinks, we thinks… she was a hooker. But who is to say for sure….and we went back and forth on the topic.

Now here’s the thing… it hit me, right there in the middle street…. that I probably have never in my life…… & WILL NEVER in my life….. be mistaken for a hooker.  At least to the best of my knowledge.  It made me laugh and laugh…. just the thought of someone secretly pointing at me, and finding question in my “walking of the streets”……  …….mmmmm…..  ……. street SWEEPER, maybe.  But not the hook.

(To the morning readers:  Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you find love in all the right places.)

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