Tag. I’m glad I wasn’t it….

Sometimes, life feels very busy.  It seems like there just isn’t a minute to slow down and smell the grits….

But today, I snagged a little time on my way to a meeting, for photography.  So there I was, for a good 30 minutes or so, shooting under this scaffolding.  I found the shadows and angles quite interesting.  I could have spent another hour or so… out and about.. but had to get moving for my appointment.

So while exiting the scaffold area, I see this tag laying on the ground.  Yowza.  Say it isn’t so Clem!

What the heck?  “DO NOT REMOVE THIS TAG….. scaffold will go thru changes….”

Holy crap-a-moly.  I have some serous, serious issues with this ENTIRE scenario.

1.  If you are going to hang a warning tag, concerning the magnitude of something such as this… put the dang thing where it CAN NOT be removed!
2.  Again, for something of great importance…. such as this 5 story high scaffolding….please don’t use wording that is quite so ambiguous.  Exactly WHAT KIND of changes, I ask you?  Specifics would be optimal here.
3.  Finally, I use these marching periods when I write…… for effect……. or pause……  or to indicate vagueness, or obscurity………..HELLLLLOOOOOO??????    IF YOU ARE WRITING a dang warning tag for the lattice of death, please don’t use the multiple dot method of expression.  It indicates doubt.  Doubt!

Well, I am just snap-happy it didn’t undergo any big changes while I was lingering on the sidewalk underneath it….I need to find this T. Byerly person and share some strongly worded suggestions concerning writing practices in warning tags.  Yes. Not that I’m an expert on the subject.  But I think, “Run like hell.” would be much more appropriate.

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