Just drink it…. already.

I am a coffee slob.  I’m a little embarrassed about it really.  Nine mornings out of ten, I have a java mishap, and end up wearing half a cup.  This morning was no different.  Point in case:  this photo taken at 8 am.

I’m not quite sure why it happens… but it is always the same.  The coffee appears mid-air…. almost in slow motion….. a big blob of it, dancing, twirling, spinning, and defying gravity…  ( I can sort of hear the sound effect from “The Six Million Dollar Man” when he jumps up on a tall building… that chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh noise….).  Then all at once, it speeds up, faster than fast…..  I yell  “INCOMING”……, and then hits my shirt or pants.  Relentlessly.

After that, I make the best of it.  I try to decide what today’s splash pattern looks like.  Kind of like the puffy cloud game.  This morning, I think it resembled Oahu, Hawaii.  Or upside down Maui…..

Yesterday, it looked like a rabbit flashing a peace sign with its left paw.  Let Hare be Peace on Girth.

And so it transpires.  The Cup of Joe….  I just never know where it will go.

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