The Things in the Attic

In these parts, as in most, there are a lot of old places with a lot of old history.  Nooks and crannies to be discovered, I think.  It is like the Final Frontier in reverse.  You have to dig and explore, and more often than not, just get lucky.

The other day we bumped into a neighbor on the street.  He introduced us to a neighbor and then from there another neighbor.  The third guy we met is somewhat of a historian.  His real name is Julian but everybody calls him Vic.  He is one interesting guy.  Smart guy.  Vic the Brilliant, I like to call him.

At any rate, he referred to our house as “The Pirate House”…. which is something we’d never heard before.  We followed him back to his library  where he pulled out several books with references to the “pirate” who owned our house.  He then told us about the paintings and log books they found in our attic before we bought the house.  One of the paintings was a Manet.  Yes, Edouard Manet.  Seems that painting sold for quite a bit to a private bidder in New York.  Smart Vic walked us outside where we then bumped into another guy, with the Gibbes Museum.  He confirmed the story.  (I felt like I was in some Nicholas Cage movie, or something….)

It appears this is not a gasconade.  Yet, I am planning to do more research of my own.  It is a snappy good time for me.  Exploring the Final Frontier, one dusty attic at a time.

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