Tonight at 11

THIS JUST IN: The latest in a series of crimes in downtown Charleston.  This still image, caught on surveillance video, just moments after a City of Charleston Trash Can was assaulted by Gang Members, know only as the Orange Cones.

Apparently, the City Trash Can gave a good fight, taking two of the cones down to the pavement before succumbing to the other three gang members.  A City of Charleston Hydrant witnessed the entire event.

“Yeah, they came right out of nowhere, man.  I hear they are all over the place this time of year…. lining up everywhere… and just putting the fear of beeswax in people.  Just yesterday, a buddy of mine said there were literally hundreds of them up on I-26…. just a lined up in row…. on and on for miles….  .. like…. …..trying to slow down traffic and that sort of thing,” the Hydrant said in an interview with Channel Five.

A Public Statement, just released from the City of Charleston Police Department announced that they are aware of the increasing presence of the Orange Cones in the City and also on the Highways.  While the cones don’t seem to be quite as problematic during the winter months, we can expect to see more of this throughout the summer.

City and County Officials have stated they are taking action.   Specifically, they will send crews of 4 or 5 workers out a time, to stand and just watch the cones, while one of the employees acts as a distraction…. by “appearing” to be working on a pothole.

Across town, rival gang The Yellow Warning Tapes, have started to show themselves more frequently as well.

Continued the hydrant, “I don’t know what this city is coming to.  I just always feel like someone’s pissing on me.”

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