What I need is a good recipe….

Some days I feel a little bit Old-Fashioned. And you know you are Old-Fashioned when you refer to it as just that. Today, it is much “cooler” to call it Old-School. Whatever it is in your vocabulary… some days I slip right in to that “Time Long Ago” Zone. Days Gone Past.

Just this afternoon, I was thinking about Lime Jell-O Molds. There is an awful lot to be said for the jiggly, twitching, fidgety, quivering….. yet…… perfectly formed Jell-O Mold.

You just don’t see them any more. It used to be, you would go to the family picnic and, heck…. there would be three or four Jell-O Molds there. Same with weddings, wakes, card parties, dinner gatherings…. you name it… there were Jell-O molds attending.

It was off the charts good when they would contain fruity surprises, like yummy pineapple. Or, oh my gracious goodness… mandarin oranges!  But it went to a whole different level when the mini-marshmallow was introduced. And yet one step further, when those little marshmallows were multicolored…… pastels.

I was amazed, delighted, and astounded with the appearances of such ingenuity, and creative culinary endeavors.  I was seven…. and I was sure life just didn’t get any better than that.

“Why Velma…. that is a beautiful mold you brought to the party.”

“Oh golly… thanks Jean. I saw the recipe in the last issue of Better Homes & Gardens, while I was at Doc Prichard’s the other day.”

Ohhhhhh…… the days when you had to go and consult a recipe for the Glorious Jell-o Mold.

It was right up there with Apple Pie, and Chevrolet. Drive-Ins. Poodle Skirts. Two for the price of one. Ovaltine. Code-Rings. And, Flag-Waving.  Yes, I was seven.  Maybe it really didn’t get any better than that.

Now it seems the innocence of that time has faded. The simplicity of things has been blind-sided by email, text messaging, media blitz, constant digital streams…. resulting in tacky ringtones, bothersome phrases like “24/7”  …….and unending You Tube Videos of people doing countless  thickheaded things.

You know….I miss Fred Flinstone. Ward Cleaver. My Three Sons. And Bewitched. Oh to twitch my nose, and have a cup of coffee with Gladys Kravitz. Yabba Dabba Do.


…. (heavy sigh)…..  ….  ……(shuffling footsteps)…….
I’m going out to the kitchen now, and see if I can’t find a good recipe for a Jell-O Mold.

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