America is dying….

I’ve been thinking this for a long time now.  Our country as we once knew it, is on the way out.  I’m not sure how it is going to end up…….. or down.  But things aren’t looking good….I am certain of that.

I mean, what the heck.  Anarchy in Wisconsin?   WISCONSIN?  America’s DairyLand?  Let’s just hope they keep it peaceful, and don’t stab or cut any cheese up there.

And now this…. ……..I am NOT jerking your chain here.  There is a 77 year-old Mennonite man in Ohio, who has been labeled the “Amish Madoff”.  Seriously.  This comes about, after the Securities and Exchange Commission accused him of losing $15 million of his neighbors’ money in a duplicitous investment scheme reminiscent of the notorious Madoff.

His name, of all things, is Monroe Beachy.  From Sugarcreek, Ohio.  Beachy is said to have collected $33 million from as many as 2,600 investors, many of them Amish, over 30 years.

Oh, there were warning signs, and those Amish-like friends & family just didn’t pick up on ’em.  Like, he started wearing colored socks and wearing his big black brimmed hat backwards.   He also wanted the other Mennonites to call him Beachy-Daddy.   He bought a white stretch-buggy.   His wife began suspecting trouble when Monroe would sometimes stay in bed until after 4:30 AM.

NBC’s Tom Brokaw tried to get him to comment on camera this evening, and Beachy replied “Talk to the hand, ’cause the beard ain’t listening.”

America is dying.

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