Pay to play.

Good thing it was too cool  and windy to go swimming today.  Otherwise…. who knows.

I had to go out to Sullivan’s Island this morning, to do a shoot for someone.  While there, we stumbled upon Ft. Moultrie, which is a very fascinating place.  We’ll go back when there is more time to knock around a bit.  Anyway. we wanted to check out the beach area while there.  It seems they have some very specific rules, at least on this day.  As you can see, they do not condone any type of swimming or wading.  Seriously, they spell it out for you.  “Stay out of the water.”  Period…. well, not period…. just east of the dang rocks.

But here’s the real deal.  If you choose to toy with the Deadly Currents, they will fine you.  Not $1000.  NO.   Not $2000.  But, YOU touch your tootsies to the surf, and you get hammered with a one thousand FORTY dollar fine.  I would like to know how they came up with that specific dollar amount.  Maybe I’ll look up the Commissioners’ Meeting minutes.

Commissioner Rockcash:  Do we have a motion for a $1000 fine for dipping in the pond?
Commissioner Wetslur:  You know Bub, $1000 just doesn’t seem like quite enough.  How ’bout an extra 40 buck-a-roonies?
Commissioner Pay:  For what purpose?
Whistler:  You know.  Haven’t you ever heard of….”Just for the heck of it.”  Beeeeeeeccccaaauuuuussssse…….. My first house number was 1040.  I propose we take a little vote-see, now.
Rockcash: Aye.
Whistler: Aye.
Pay:  I…. uh…. whatever…. aye.

And there you have it.  That is how it goes with great minds………….. ….How crucial legislation comes to pass.  Current Events.

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