Nature’s Calling

Nature has a way of telling us things.

One of the images above is a No Trespassing Sign.
The other is a Welcome Mat.

No mistaking the difference between the two.

If people were as simple to read, the world would probably be a lot easier to navigate. But as it is…. sometimes we don’t really know what the other person is thinking.

I take things way too personally. Someone looks a little sideways, and I think they are directing the sideway-eyed-ness at ME!  Holy smokes… this is the truth.

“You think they are upset?  I wonder if they are mad at me…. OR do you suppose they have a problem with my Sock Monkey Hat?  It matches my handbag… right?  Oh……What could it be…..?”

This is when I am reminded to switch to decaf.

But, back to the photos…. and the signs that come to us in life.

When you get the thorns, try to remember to always… ALWAYS…. keep band-aids in your purse.

And when you get good smelling, sparkly, beautiful flowers… breathe it in… long and deep and full. Touch it.  See it if you can.  Yes.  Breathe it in.

(But the advice about keeping band-aids in your purse still holds.  You just never know.    You may be seconds away from sucking a bee right up your nose…)

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