I simply remember….

Maria knew the bee had stung, the dog had bitten….  the Captain was rushing off again.  No explanation.

She swallowed hard, but couldn’t make the knot in her throat disappear.  The tears began burning in her eyes… streaming down her face now…….. But why, oh why, couldn’t she remember any of her favorite things?  Now more than ever…. she needed to simply remember her favorite things….

She searched every corner of her mind…..“Was it kittens with mittens?  No, no, that’s not right…..  snowflakes on my toes and pink sashes…?  That’s all wrong.  Brown paper packages fried up with wings?  What is happening here?  I just can’t remember my favorite things….”

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings passed swiftly through the sky above her…….

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