It is a real pain in the…..

Presently, there is a product on the market … called Lipo-Flavonoid Plus. It is for the relief of ringing in the ears. Now, I don’t know about you…. but I think this might be the worst name for a product ever. I see the commercials frequently on TV. The lady in the lab coat comes on and says….“If you have ringing in the ears, Lipo-Flavonoid provides nutritional support to improve circulation in the inner ear…. blah, blah, blah…..”

If I were on the marketing team at the Lipo-Flavonoid Company, I think I would have raised my hand during that particular meeting concerning the naming of the product. I would have cleared my throat, or shifted uncomfortably in my chair…. at the very least.

The whole marketing deal is a mystery to me sometimes. I can’t imagine which audience some of these companies are trying to target.

There is a Swiffer commercial now… with a little tiny cowgirl piece of dirt, dressed up in her little soiled cowgirl outfit… trapped in a crack in the floor. Yes. A little piece of dirt… that looks like Annie Oakley meets Pigsty. Along comes the Swiffer mop… which sucks her up and whisks her away… all smash-faced against the Swiffer… and she is as happy as a clam with this outcome.

Which group of people…. are those good folks at Swiffer…. trying to reach?  I wonder.  Or maybe I should ask how many Martinis they are drinking at lunch?

The pain medication commercials tend to irk me too. It is always the same. Some poor schmuck grimaces, then grabs his back, or his head. But just one little dose of the miracle pill… and presto, change-o…. the pain is gone.

I would make commercials much differently. Much. This photo would be the kind of campaign I would pick for…. say… Tylenol, or Bayer Aspirin… Advil.  Something like….. “Bob was working away at the construction site… when out of the clear blue… the pain hits him in the temple… like a mean-spirited archer from long ago…. shot him right in the old hard hat…. with a rusted iron arrow.   A big dull rusted arrow… and at close range.  It wiped that stupid grin right off his face.  But have no fear.  Tylenol stops your Medieval pain right in its archery stance.”  Yeah.  Something along those lines.

Now… that would sell some pain relievers, I think.

Or maybe not.

Think it would sell any hard hats?  Arrows?

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