I guess I need better glasses.

I am getting dull.

In a lot of different ways. Some times I really feel boring and uninteresting. Those are the days when I don’t write about much here. Seems like it happens more often than not. This is the second year of this project. I have about 215 days under my belt for this stint.  Only 153 days remaining.  Then I will probably wrap it up for good.   That’s 21 weeks, or 220,320 minutes…..  and not that I am counting the seconds… but it is roughly 13,219,200 of those.

But you know the days… I’ll try and try…. and then end up writing about Gertrude McCormick, my fifth grade science teacher… and how we dissected a pig fetus… and I went home and cried for 3 hours. And then how Mom made me feel better…. she fixed us BLTs at dinner, which was one of my favorites.  Man,  how I loved bacon.  Ham too.  Biscuits and sausage gravy….

Yep, dull. Stale, bland, lackluster…. stodgy.

Not only that… but my senses in general are getting wearisome. Take my horrible fear of spiders, snakes, bugs, anything gross or creepy.  I would jump right out of my skin at the mere mention of them.  Yeah… well…. that fear is now…. pretty much… non-existent.   I’ve become numb to these things.  Heck, I will even pick up dead insects these days.   Inspect them…. shoot them.   I lost my fear of bugs… but the truth is… I gained a WHOLE bunch of things that bug me.  Super.  Dull AND cranky.

I don’t see as well as I used to either. Can’t see the nose on my face.  But speaking of which…. I can still smell like crazy.   With a nose this big… well… let’s just say I am well-suited for the odoriferous. Other than the schoz-thing, I am getting absolutely blunt.

Yep. Dull as dishwater.

So to that, I will reference an anonymous quote:

“We are limited, not by our abilities, but by our vision.”

Perfect.  I can’t see for crap, and my abilities are only limited by my vision.  Tomorrow, I am going to get a strong pair of glasses.

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