Birds of a feather….

I love to laugh.

And, I am prone to do it, just about any where, and at any time. This has caused problems for me in the past. Sometimes things strike me funny at the most inopportune times.

But, when that urge hits me… I have to laugh. Out loud. Whether I am with a large group of people or all by myself. I have been laughing out loud long before it earned its recent popularity as.… LOL.

Today, for instance, I was in the middle of a parking lot, when a band of Canada Geese flew over head. Now, what isn’t to love about that Canada Goose, I’ll tell you.   Oh….I know, I know. Most of the time, they just make big poops around people’s ponds. But in the autumn, they put on their walking boots. Or flying wings. They are quite the busy birds this time of year.

They migrate a long ways too. All the way from northern Canada down to the very southern parts of the United States. They can fly more than 1000 miles in a single day.  That’s a lot.  I mean… I get tired when I drive half that far in one day.

But the thing that makes me laugh is their chatter. They fly overhead just a-honking away.  Now, here is where I crack up… because my imagination soars as high as those geese. What the heck are they honking in their very perfect V formations?  That yammering goes back and forth between them….constantly.

“Hey Alice…. those feathers really make your butt look big. You shouldn’t have eaten that extra slice of Wonder Bread back at that campground.”

Or maybe…. “Joe. Slow down will ya’? Geez.  I think you got us flying in circles.  I am pretty sure that is the same farm we passed 10 minutes ago. Hey!  THAT IS the same farm… dang it.”

Could be…”Perry… BATHROOM BREAK, pllllleeeeaaaase. Can we pull over somewhere?”

What about…”Milly, I think we should have turned left back there.  Serious.”

Perhaps they just flew by a sign that says….”HONK to wish Bobby Jo a Happy Birthday….. she turns 50 today!!!”

Oh, of course I am merely speculating…. yep, I’m just geesing about ALL of this.

So, the next time you see a flock of geese flying overhead… just remember… it is probably not such a good idea to look up.   You see, just 50 geese can produce up to two and a half tons of excrement in one year.  And Perry may not be pulling over anytime soon for that bathroom break.

If you’re happy and you know it… honk your horn….


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