…and the Klutzky goes to….

Oscar. Oscar.  The big ones were The King’s Speech for Best Picture.  Colin Firth, Best Actor.  Natalie Portman, Best Actress.

And there you have it.  Some thought the results should have fallen differently.  Everyone sees things from a unique point of view.

Consider this door.  When you are walking along the street and looking skyward to pinpoint the location of thunderous helicopter overhead, and your foot catches a large crevice in the stone walk, and you lose all bodily control, flailing hopelessly toward the unyielding pavement, all the while attempting to shield your camera from damage, or (heaven forbid) lose control of your corndog (sporting BOTH mustard & ketchup)….. and when you finally cease toppling and tumbling and come to a grinding halt….  you might see a door much differently than you would have….. say three or four moments before.

….I brought home the award today for best stunt woman in a real life drama.  I did not have a speech prepared for the acceptance.

Corndog. Check.  Camera. Check.  Polly. Check….. and we’re walking…….   like it never even happened.  The magic of the movies.  Roll the credits.

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