It’s not what you know. Or is it?

Tonight we played BezzerWizzer. Nine of us split up for 3 rivaling teams. It could have easily become full-contact BezzerWizzer, but we kept our heads, and our manners about us.

If you don’t know the game…. it is a different spin on Trivia. Trivia with Strategy. Hence the name… BezzerWizzer. Actually, I have no stinking idea what the name of the game really means. On their website… they say it is Danish for Smart Ass.  I think they are yanking us around with that….

But, back to the game at hand….

We had fun. And we had pain. We had to share a collective brain.  Seriously… you put nine fairly intelligent, competitive women, in one room…. and pit them against one another in a contest….  Let’s just say that things have a way of getting interesting.

No matter how it ever goes… win, lose, or draw… one thing is for sure:  I love answering trivia questions. The key word in that phrase is “answering”….. as it isn’t as much fun if you don’t know the fact, figure, person, place or thing.

I didn’t know much tonight.  But I had great teammates.  We Bezzed and Wizzed all over the place, I’ll tell you.

So since I am still in the mood…. here are a few Qs for you. Start with some easy ones, and then we shall roll up our sleeves a fold or two.

1. In J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan, what was the name of The Fairy?
2. What kind of hat became popular with children in 1956?
3. What is London’s largest park?
4. What type of leaves does a silkworm feed on?
5. How is Don Diego De La Vega better known?
6. The Stephen King short story “The Body” was later adapted into which film?
7. What is the name of the Yellow Teletubbie?
8. Who was the first Monarch to live in  Buckingham Palace?
9. What Greek mathematician had a cylinder enclosed sphere carved on his gravestone?
10. Holger George Thuesen and Gerald A. Hale designed what device that is now commonly seen on most city streets?
11. If a patient underwent an Orchidectomy, what would they have removed?



Answers:  1. Tinkerbell; 2. Davy Crocket Coon Skin Caps; 3. Hyde Park; 4. Mulberry; 5. Zorro; 6. Stand By Me; 7. La La; 8. Queen Victoria; 9. Archimedes; 10. The Parking Meter;  11. A Testicle.

Bottom line is… Trivia Games go full circle.  For instance….  If you undergo the procedure in question #11… you might end up like the character in question #1.

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