Line ’em up…. or… imbricate.

Imbrication…… Overlapping and forming a regular pattern. I like the way this word sounds.

There are so many great words in the English Language. Heck, I bet there are plenty of snappy words in many different languages the whole world round. But, the thing of it is…. I only know English.

And….even that is questionable sometimes.

But I have an entire list of words that I truly think are the bees knees.

One of my favorites is Panacea. Whenever I hear it, I think it sounds like pan of see ya’. The word itself means a solution for all problems… a universal cure. Unfortunately,  I don’t think such a thing truly exists.

I guess if I had to say anything is like a “panacea”….. it would be mayonnaise on white bread.   That helps everything in my book.

I also like the word Nemesis.  I like the way it sounds… and really…… the entire idea of it. “An unconquerable archenemy. ” Again, if I were a super hero, I would have a bad-stinking nemesis. As it is, I just have a few people that can’t really stand the sight of me. Not quite up to the nemesis level….

Plethora is a terrific word. It means large quantity. Tonight, I did not have a plethora of topics to write about.  (I also think this word is pretty close to the noise when someone makes a raspberry… pthhhhhllllloooorrrrraaaaphthhhh.)

Now one that doesn’t sound like what it means is Bucolic. It strikes me as being some kind of a plague.  But, in fact….it means “in a lovely rural setting.”

Another in my top-seeded of words is Gambol. To run and jump around playfully…. to skip or leap about.

So… I guess……tomorrow morning at my house…. in this very bucolic setting… I will eat a plethora of grits. Warm grits are a panacea to all the world’s problems. Not only that… but they cause me to gambol about the room. This fine disposition will assist me in facing any nemesis that may come my way.

Evanescent  means vanishing quickly or lasting a very short time.   My writing here tonight is evanescent.  I gotta’ go now…. I guess that means I shall stir up a pan of see ya’….

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