Gone to the dogs.

The eleven o’ clock news is on. The headlines reveal one devastating report after another. Yes.  Many bad things happening.

Robberies. Scams. Murder. Car wrecks. Illness. Destruction. Loss.

Not only that…. but it seems there is an awful lot of hate in the world.  A lot.

And just when you start to feel a sense of despair and despondency sinking in…. a little dog comes along… … …. rests a scruffy chin on your hand, and a paw on your arm… then looks you right square in the eye. She offers her comforting best.  There is a tremendous moment of connection. This remarkable display of communication takes place in a golden silence….

And then, she leaps down, chases her tail a few times…. careens across the room,  grabs her squeaky duck… shakes it relentlessly….and bites the beak and wings off.

Life is beautiful.  Just beautiful.

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