Aliens amoung us.

I met a racist today. Full blown, no-holds-barred, racist. What I thought was going to be a casual conversation at the Dog Park, turned into a surrealistic incident. I am still reeling a bit from the experience. I should have know something about him was nefarious. He was standing all by himself in fairly crowded area when I arrived.

Yet, when we converged at the Doggie Drink Fountain…. he struck up the exchange. I won’t go into the details… but it was clear that if you weren’t white… you were subpar. Maybe even subhuman. This mindset is very foreign to me. It troubles me greatly.

On another note.

Sunday night some folks in these parts spotted a “UFO” up in that sky of ours. It happened at a place called Goose Creek. I saw a little bit of video on the news tonight… the witnesses shot it with an iPhone. It was a large light… glowing and hovering around…. and then some smaller lights were flying to it and back away again. Not fast flying.  No.  It was more of a meandering pace of travel. Who can say what it was really. But it seemed very abnormal and unconventional for the southern night sky.  Any sky, for that matter.

In my mind… these two events are largely related.

I can’t explain either one.
Both as foreign to me… as……  well….

Little Green Men From Outer Space.

With that said… I wish the first experience I mentioned wasn’t true. I wish it was some kind of myth, or Urban Legend. A Fable. I wish no one could prove it to be factual. Unfortunately, it is alive and well in our world today.

I also wish the second encounter WAS true. Yes, that there was some colossal space craft hovering up there… full of non-white aliens. Green would be okay. And it would be Neat-o Guido if they had Super-Zapper-Long-Range-Racist-Rays-Guns. Yeah. That’s it…. and it would be Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeazey for them to cruise around looking for bigots. Yeah, yeah.   That’s the ticket.

Then sometime tonight, they could meander over to these parts. Perhaps they could locate Mr. Boxer-Pit-Bull Mix, and zap him a good one. Teleport him right up onto the ship and put him in the Lab Area… where they could study this foreign and archaic behavior. And once they got back up to The Planet Zebulon, they could put him on the market as some kind of an Earthling Slave, where he would live with others like him, and work hard labor without pay…..  and… and…

Whew!  …. Okay……  I’m back. Back to reality here in my little kitchen. Sometimes my vindictive-child-brain takes over, and I lose all perspective of my true moral values. I want no detriment to come to this man. I would never wish anyone harm.

On the contrary. I hope he will find peace with himself, and find the beautiful realization that we are all intrinsically the same beings. If we all could just understand that every other human life is just as comprehensive as ours. We are all filled with our own struggles, hopes, remorse, loves, dreams, disappointments, fears, joys, and on. We are all in this together. If we could just “get this”… I am almost certain we would be more gentle and compassionate with one another.

And as humans…. if perhaps the Aliens are REAL… and they DO come down here….

…. run like hell.

And what I just said is out the window. Every man & woman for themselves.

____    _____    ______

“We cannot despair of humanity, since we ourselves are human beings.”
– Albert Einstein

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
– Ryunosuke Satoro

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