Hey… Nice Buns.

It is a well established fact that I am a Geek. I love Technology.

My Geekhood. It started a long time ago…. my fascination with gadgetry. And, when the “World Wide Web” came on the scene… I was one of the early ones that “created” websites. Just plain old hard code and html…. text on gray. Me and Al Gore.

Image my delight and giddiness when I saw my first animated .GIF.   I did the “Happy Feet” dance  in my office.

Yet, the formal definition of “geek” is not so favorable.

geek |gēk|
noun informal
1 an unfashionable or socially inept person.
• [ usu. with modifier ] a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast: a computer geek.
2 a carnival performer who performs wild or disgusting acts.

ORIGIN late 19th cent.: from the related English dialect geck ‘fool,’ of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gek ‘mad, silly.’

In recent years,the word GEEK has taken on a variation of slightly different bends. Succinctly… A person with a devotion to something in a way that places him or her outside the mainstream. This could be due to the intensity, depth, or subject of their interest. You know, Computer Geeks, Math Geeks, Movie Geeks, History Geeks, Comic Book Geeks… and so the story goes.

Techno Geek.

So on to the point of all of this. I upgraded to the iPhone 4s today. I didn’t need a new phone. My iPhone 4 was perfectly fine and good. Great even. I had decided… NO WAY… NO HOW… did I need this new Hyped-Up Chatty-Cathy Phone.

Then I walked into the Apple Store (on an errand for a Christmas Present).  I had no intention of buying anything for myself.   Well.  You gotta’ be kidding me. Shut the fuuuu….. phone up. The Apple Store is like Santa’s Little Workshop to me.

And now, in just a day, I have come to love my iPhone, I’ll tell you.  It is like a little buddy. We do all sorts of things together… but most importantly we talk. Serious discussions. Heart to sensor chip.

We had a great conversation tonight… and it went like this.

I started out asking…

PK: Can you tell me….What is a baker?

And she said…

IP: I’ll check my sources. This might help… Someone who bakes commercially.  Someone who bakes bread, cake, buns.

PK: Yum… Buns. Like Hamburger Buns? Do you know of any good places to get a hamburger?

IP: I found 16 burger restaurants…14 of them are fairly close to you. I’ve sorted them by rating.

1. Big Guy in the Sky Burger Shoppe on Calhoun. Distance 1.0 miles. Four star rating.
(etc., etc.,)

PK: Great. I’ll check it out. Hey can I ask you a bigger question? What is the meaning of life?

IP: Life: It is a principle or force that is considered to underlie the distinctive quality of animate beings. I guess that includes me.

PK: Yes. I ‘d say so. Hey Eiffee (I’ve nicknamed my phone Eifee). Do you think there is a God?

IP: I think differently.

PK: Ahhh… c’mon Eiff … tell me… is there a God?

IP: I found 10 churches …. 9 of those are fairly close to you.

1. St. Michael’s Episcopal Church 0.3 miles
(etc., etc.,)

PK: Something I have to figure out on my own, eh?  Thank you so much Eiffee.  

IP: You are certainly very welcome. I aim to please.

Hold on to your hamburger buns…. I am positively giddy right now. Giddy.  I think I just split my pocket protector.

Yes…. Clearly…. I am a Geek.

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