Hang my hat….

Today was our big travel day. Back to Ohio.  The Buckeye State.  The home of the Wright Brothers and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.  Yes, back to the north for Thanksgiving… and Christmas…. Ho. Ho. Ho.

An entire day in the car with two humans, three dogs, and one cat… has the potential of being quite interesting.  Today, did not disappoint.

We all managed to be good dogs.  All of us.

Here is the iPhone Chronicle.

It started out in a very delightful way…. breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Any day that starts with 2 eggs over easy, biscuits, grits, and ham… is a red-letter beginning.

But wait.   There’s more.  Big events at our first stop.  While walking through the General Store …. What to mine eyes appear?  A SOCK MONKEY TREE…..

Hold the phone, will ya’?  I dropped my root beer barrels right there in the restaurant!

But wait again.  It doesn’t stop there.  That tree was topped with none other than a Sock Monkey Hat.  One, like my very own.  Oh what a day, what a day.

Then…. While dining….. Shanice came to our table, and presented me with a drinking straw.   I am not sure why she chose me.  I must have looked like I needed a straw.  So,  I was extremely grateful.  She was very kind.  Nice to meet you Shanice.

And then, then, then…..  we did lots of this….     this….     this.

Ate lots of these….

And drank lots of that…

Thirteen hours later… it sort of looked like earlier in the day… but much, much, later.  And blearier.

Five states later.   Orville and Wilbur are wondering why we didn’t fly.

Regardless.  We are home.  Well…. we were home… and now we are home again.  But here we are.

And as Buckaroo Banzai says…  “No matter where you go…. there you are.”

Yes.  Be it ever so humble… There’s No Place Like Home.

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