Happy, and hoppy, Thanksgiving.

On this day of all days… it seems we take the time to reflect on our good fortune, our blessings, our gifts and good favors in life. We give thanks.

I am grateful for sweet amazing graciousness… from the little to the large.   I am thankful for the many wonders in my life. My soulmate, family, friends, and four-legged pals. My health and abilities. A free country. Hot water. Cameras. Grits.  For those little dots that go in-between my sentences.  Museums. Sock Monkeys. Computers. A good pair of shoes. Deodorant. Mayonnaise. Movies. Nature. Clean air. Air in my tires. Sleep. Mashed potatoes… what the heck… all pasty white foods. Fast internet connections (still praying for one in Camden, Ohio). Waterfalls. Eyeglasses.  This list goes into the kazillions. From minuscule Caterpillars to mammoth Constellations.

I think I have finally come to understand…. to realize….. that my attitude toward the life I’m living and all the people in it… has an impact. Yes, I am pretty certain this is true. May attitude can have a tangible, measurable and profound effect on what happens to me during each day.

If I act in a negative way… I can probably expect negative results. On the other hand…..

I am finding that when I give what I am seeking….. it returns to me at the right time and place. It goes much the same way in consideration of futile resistance. It seems when I finally quit knocking my head against a wall… the headache goes away. At exactly the right time.  Balance.  Gratitude.

It is important for me to give thanks every day. Through this gratitude, much can be accomplished, transcended, and shared.

May it be… that we all use the gifts which we have received… and share them with others. That we pass on the love that has been given to us… and be content with ourselves as we are.

May it be.. that we all dance and sing… and give thanks with our trueness of heart.

I forgot about frogs. I like frogs. Thankful for them. Not the deep-fried-leg-kind… but the kind that hop around the pond, and orchestrate sweet songs at night… and swim like crazy all day long… those frogs.



…. and for each one of you.  I am have much gratitude in my heart.  Happy Thanksgiving.

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