Time on your hands… and ears too.

Today, I waited three hours to see a doctor. And once I saw that doctor… it was for about a total of 5 minutes. Seven, tops.

And when I finally got to the pharmacy,  the clerk dangled the bag containing my Rx in front of me.  She proceeded to ask: “Now do you really want these eye drops? The cost is $ 144.95 and it isn’t covered on your insurance.”

“Well….. no lady. I just spent the last four hours of my life waiting for what’s in that bag. I think I’ll pass.”  Yeah.  Right.  Of course I am going to pay the 144.95.  I would give you my first born for what’s in that bag.  What the heck else would I do at that point? What could I do?  Suffer indefinitely without them?

Holy Shhhmackerels. A lot to complain about? Not really. In some countries, people walk for a couple of days to get to a clinic. Once there, they have to camp until the doctor GETS to the clinic. At which point, they can only hope there will be medicine available to help them, or their sick children.

I am a lucky girl.

I think sometimes we lose sight of how good we have it here in the United States of America. Sure, things could use some improvement here and there. That is for sure. But comparatively, we have it pretty darn good in this neck of the woods.

Switching gears… I discovered some really fantastic information while lingering in the waiting room. (Yes, another lucky thing. For those three hours, I was able to check email, search the internet, play World of Goo, and Cut the Rope. I read a bit of the book “A Team of Rivals.”  And on and on. Another perk of our freedoms, and conditions here.)

Here are certain things I ferreted out.

Which film star has a daughter called Sage Moonblood?

Sylvester Stallone (Really Sly? That’s the best you could do for that kid?  I think he took a few too many punches in Rocky XXIV)

What is the biggest Dog Holiday in the World?

“Birdsil Day” on November 8th of every year. (Why? The guy who invented the fire hydrant (1869) was Birdsil Holly. He was born on November 8th, in 1820. Max, Frances, and Ollie throw a big party annually.)

Hari-Kari is vulgar name for Seppuku what does it literally mean?

Belly Splitting (I am much calmer now.. but while I was flipping my lid in the waiting room… I considered Hari-Kari. Twice.)

And speaking of such things….. In ancient China people committed suicide by eating what?

Salt, eating 1 pound will kill you.  (I guess that is where the saying comes from…”Go Pound Salt.”)

Where are a cricket’s ears located?

In their front legs. (Now isn’t that something?   Literally…. “Talk to the Hand”….  Can you hear me now?  Can you hear me now?)

What real person has been portrayed the most films?

Napoleon Bonaparte (Okay… I am trying not to… BUT…. I can’t help it.

They are all Short Films.)

Which Shiny Insect Feeds On Such Materials As Wallpaper Paste And Bookbindings?

The Silverfish (This has nothing to do with anything… other than Silverfish give me the creeps.  Bookbindings.  Yuck.  Another argument for the iPad)

Which two initials are used to describe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

ME (Ha. I don’t know what ME stands for.. but CFS seems more fitting… or Me Tired.)

Who wrote ‘The History of Mr. Polly’?

H. G. Wells (I will have to get this on my iPad. I had never heard of this title before today. Wells also wrote “The Time Machine” and “The Invisible Man.”)

So…. on that note…..  I shall end this now.   For it is getting late ….  Time for me to be Invisible.

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