Cloudy with a chance of sun.

Doldrums. It is one of my favorite words. I don’t like having the doldrums. I just like the way it sounds. Doldrums.

But unfortunately, last night, I had a case of the doldrums. So, I didn’t write much here. Not at all.


A bit “Down in the Dumps”

“On the Blink”
“Feeling Blue”
“Down in the Mouth”
“Out of Sorts”

“On the Fritz”

Call it what you will… I was just feeling low. It is hard to do things when we are sad, or lonely, or despairing.  So I didn’t.

What amazes me is just how many cliches there are describing the state of despondency. But of those phrases… I would have to say that “On the Fritz” is my favorite.

As far as anyone can tell… its originated from the times when the first electrical devices would have shorts in them, and flicker on and off. Fritz, then, may be an imitation of the “pfzt” noise that a faulty connection in an electrical machine might make.

But, I am always reminded of my YoungerYears when I hear “On the Fritz”

We lived in a pretty ethnic neighborhood growing up. One of my favorite families, with one of my closest friends, were the Miklaus Family  (the surname has been changed to protect the innocent).

The father and mother were George and Frances. He called her Fritz. The kids nicknames were Mutt, Yergy, and Elenute…..

Mrs. Miklaus (Fritz) made the best Lithuanian food in the world. I loved her homemade Kugeli. I would go to their house and always asked Mrs. Miklaus if I could have something to eat. I was skinny as a toothpick growing up…. she probably thought Mom & Dad weren’t feeding us…. But… if she had a pan of Kugeli in the house, I was one happy toothpick.

One year, we talked Mom & Dad into getting a cat from them… a kitten… when I was about 9 years old. We named her Fritz. (There was a movie out at the time… called “Fritz the Cat”…. which contributed to the nomenclature).

I loved that cat like crazy. One day, my sister (Batman) and I (Robin) decided that Fritz needed a good shaving. The Joker was on her tail, you see, … and we needed to disguise her. So down to the basement we went… clippers in hand… capes in place… and shaved the holy crap out of Fritz. Dumb kids. She was a long haired Calico / Persian / Furry-Butt-Breed of some sort.

Oh boy. Fritz was on the fritz. Then Mom went on the fritz. Mom really, really went on the fritz.  She flew off the handle.  Batman and Robin were on the hotseat. I’ll tell you that much right now.

Those were the days. And now these are the days.

I have a Mutt named Frances… and sometimes (like today)… I slip… and call her Fritz.

Full circle. It all goes full circle.

Yes…. tonight I am feeling much better. In my mind, I’ve spent some time in my childhood…. with my beloved cat, smelling  Kugeli in the Miklaus kitchen, and thinking about my adventures in my long lost cape.

And better yet…. that sweet mutt named Frances is laying by my feet… dreaming of chasing furry cats.  There are “pfzt” noises…. coming from her butt. Once again…..Full Circle.

So I am “Back on Track”
“One Happy Camper”
“Good as Gold”
“In the Hunt”
“Happy as a Clam”

“Off the Fritz”

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