Your roll. Or, your role.

I never learned how to play Hopscotch. I’m not sure why I was thinking about this today….. but indeed… I did. Funny how things come up in our old noggins.

At any rate, we had a few Hopscotch Boards on our playground at Our Lady of Mercy Grade School. We’d run right over the top of them. I think there was one girl in our class…. she had horned rimmed glasses….and always wore white anklets with lace trim….. her name was Linda….   …I think she hopscotched.

But I never did.  Not even once.

The hopscotch area is where we played “Steal the Bacon” and I LOVED that game.  We would nudge that girl Linda right out of our way.    ….Kids.   So… You’d line up on opposing sides… all scrappy and chomping at the bit.  When it was your turn, you would run like crazy to the center…. and stand over someone’s sweater (the bacon) laying in the middle.  You would tease each other and wave your hand around it… and such. Then… ALL OF A SUDDEN… you would make your move. You’d try to steal the bacon and get back to your team’s side before getting tagged.

Man I loved that game. Way more fun than Hopscotch ever looked.  Sometimes it would be full-contact. You just never knew when that “tag” would turn into a “tackle”  (I came home from school with lots of skinned knees and elbows… I’ll tell ya’).

Seems like my love of games carried on. I still like a good game of just about anything. Trivial Pursuit. Bezzerwizzer. Darts. Bowling. Full-Contact-Bridge. You name it.

On the other hand… I don’t like the “games people play.” You know the type… the pouting  games, or the martyr games, or the angry games, or the stubborn games.   There are buckets full of those games people play.   It all comes down to falsities.   Not being true with ourselves… I think.

I’m capable of them.  Everyone is… on some level…. I think again.

Mostly…  I guess….  we use them to manipulate situations.  To get things to happen in the way that we want.   But in the end, being true to ourselves… and being honest with others… is what ultimately works the best.

Those “games” are kind of like watching hopscotch. There seems to be a lot of jumping around, and motion, and hopping… and ups and downs…. but you never go anywhere…. except back to square one.


“The truth, of course, is that a billion falsehoods told a billion times by a billion people are still false.”- Travis Walton


“There are two freedoms; The false, where man is free to do what he likes; The true, where man is free to do what he ought.” – Charles Kingsley

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