Seems I got it all wrong….

I try to be well informed.

But there are certain things in life that I just don’t understand. Try as I may. I don’t get why there is such a fuss over this or that.

Okay, you want a for instance? The Miss America Pageants. Those girls go through all the competitions, put on their swimsuits, and their evening gowns, throw flaming batons in the air, and play the flute… and such. Then at the end, they line them up, and ask the big question…. “If you could have anything, what would it be?” ….. …. “Well Bob. More than anything… I would like to have Whirled Peas.”

And then the crowd goes nuts.

Now… is it just because these young ladies are so hungry from all their dieting? And all they can think about is Whirled Peas? Or… are Whirled Peas just that stinking good?

These are the things that keep me up at night.

Okay. While we are on the topic of food. How come at Christmas time… everyone is putting Baby Cheeses into Mangers? Everywhere! It is like some sort of National Trend. Baby Cheeses in this manger…. or in that cradle. Heck… some churches have had their Baby Cheeses stolen from their mangers. I remember hearing something like this on the news….

I don’t get it. I would put my Baby Cheeses in the Fridge.

All right.  Here is another.    Why is there such a foofaraw about all the Violins on TV? I heard an entire news report about the increase in Violins on TV. I like Violins. I even have tickets to the symphony. I think people should give Violins a chance. Cellos, even.  They all can be quite lovely.

Now the latest one that is kind of upsetting to me is the Political Carcasses. I don’t really understand what these are at all. First they had carcasses in Iowa. Tonight, I heard they had yet another carcass in New Hampshire. But you see, this is hitting close to home now.

On the news tonight, I heard the carcasses would be in South Carolina in just under two weeks. Today, I ran into a reporter from CNN. He said he was here early to cover the carcass. Are they finally going to bury it here, and this guy is going to cover it up? Where did all the carcasses come from? Is it an animal carcass of some sort? Or a human? I just don’t know…. and I am worried.

Oh there are many more, in this little brain of mine. But finally tonight, the one that really gets me is all the bother about faxes. Should the faxes be cut, or should they be raised…. should we be faxing the rich, or faxing the poor. Oh my goodness gracious! Does anyone even send faxes any more? I think most people have switched to email, and texting and such. It seems like a lot of buzz about nothing.

I’ll try to lay my head down, and forget about this. But…. I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately. I think it is because all of this worries me so.

Someone told me today that I should try a cup of warrantee before bed.

… again… none of this makes a bit of sense……

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