What does it all mean?

I know a lot of really great people.  I do not mean to sound swaggering here.  I have just been very fortunate in my life to have met so many fine, fine people.  Both friends and acquaintances.

And speaking of which….. A good friend recently gave me a unexpected gift. It is a deck of “Knowledge Cards” entitled “Animal Spirits.” In the box are numerous cards which depict different animals. Included with each entry is a brief description which offers the possibility of the animal’s ancient spiritual meaning.

It is quite interesting, and some days, I just pull a couple out and read them. But the gist of the “deck activity” is this: When you see or encounter an animal during the course of your day, that interaction has a meaning in your spiritual life.  The bigger picture.


So today I am driving a long, and Sea Gull flies right down from above, and lands in the street in front of the car… and they swoosh… right back up again.

I was thinking about it this evening, and pulled out the deck. The Symbology says… “water, creation, emotions.” It goes on…. “The gull, a creature of the sea and sky, symbolically links the lower earthly world with the upper world of the spirit. It is also a symbol of unrestrained emotion.”

I am not quite sure what it means for me… at this very moment. Or maybe nothing at all.  You see, sometimes I am slow on the uptake.  I can’t even focus on the little pictures, let alone… the big picture.  It could be that I need an eye doctor.  I heard… that after being treated by an optometrist, the bird seed.

…. Sorry…. ….

Today I also saw three dogs.  All the live-long day.   According to the deck… that means “devotion, protection, service.” With three dogs running underfoot…. I get this message every day. It is a good one.  I just try to make sure that my Karma doesn’t run over my Dogma.


…. Dang it.  Sorry again…. …



Most of all, whether I understand the meanings or not…. this whole experience reminded me a life’s beautiful gifts. Friends are one of those incredible gifts.  Friends will laugh out loud with you.  They will also tell you when your puns are just plain irritating…

But back to the bigger picture.  We see these things more clearly, I think, with each passing day.

We have been given the gift of life.

It then becomes up to us to live that life well…. and make the very most of this gift.

… …. ..

Some nights….  I am just unsure what to write….  AND…..

Sometimes all this writing makes me nervous.

Writers under pressure are….. at present, tense.


Oh Polly, stop it.

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