It can be fixed….

Tonight.  A Current Affair.  This letter just came in my email.  Hence, the following topic.


Dear Polly,

The President delivered the State of the Union address this evening. Did you watch it? What was your favorite part? Your least favorite? What is your overall take on this speech?

Baltimore, MD


Dear John,

Before I get to your questions John…a big congats on NFL Playoffs.  I bet you are rooting for the Patriots.


Yes I watched the State of the Union Address. While I am no political analyst, I will try my best to answer your questions. I have to say though… I don’t really understand a lot of what happens, or what is said, in Washington, D.C. Much of it… is hard for me to figure out. Or in. But here it goes.

First the bad news… my least favorite part. It was the one guy, the Congressman there… he was the one in the dark suit and the tie. Kind of shortish hair. That was my least favorite.

Most favorite. Gabby Giffords. She is more than a class act, she is the real deal.

My overall “take” on this:   I think as Citizens of the United States of America…. we ALL need to start acting like Americans who are on the same team. Plain and simple. Because that is the absolute truth of the matter. We are on the same team.
We need to start focusing on ways to work together, and not grow apart.
If we keep wishing for failure, that is what we will have. You travel in the direction where you look. Things are broken, burdened, and deterioted enough. It is time to figure out how we can each do our part to fix them.  How do we do this?  Start offering some mutual cooperation and respect… to start out.

Call me Pollyanna. It is true. (Well, Polly is my first name… so that part is true. Any way.)   I just think we should give a go at this.   For the good ol’  U.S.A.    And that is my take on things.

Let’s start rooting for the Original Patriots. 



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