Elbow-licking good….

Facts I’ve learned on the street today.

Henry Ford, father of the Automobile, is also father of the charcoal briquette.
Hence, the next logical nomenclature:  Ford should be the father of the Tailgate Party. 

A dog’s smell is more than 100,000 times stronger than that of a human’s. Dogs’ sense of hearing is more than ten times more acute than a human’s.
With that said….. It is best not to yell at your dog. Or to fart at him.

Bananas contain a natural chemical which can make a person happy.
This makes good sense to me. Now I can guess where the phrase “Going Bananas” really came from.

There were 42 known assassination attempts on Hitler.
This does not surprise me.  At all.

If you swim one hour in a public pool, you will intake 1/12 liters of urine.
This fact may very well…… stop me from swimming in public pools.

A pizza delivery will arrive more quickly than an ambulance 40% of the time.
So… play your odds. If you are having a heart attack, call BOTH….. 911 and Dominoes.

People are more likely to believe you if you whisper.
I totally believe this.  Someone whispered it to me today.

Seven percent of Americans think Elvis is still alive.
This does not surprise me either.  Truth be told…. I think I have met all 7%.

The average person laughs 13 times per day.
I think I laugh way more often than that.  Most days… at least.

Ninety-nine percent of people cannot lick their elbow.
You are trying this right now… aren’t you?

After reading this sentence you will realize that the the brain doesn’t recognize a second “the” in this sentence.
I usually write this pretty late at night. The last fact made me very happy, as I have my fair share of hippos….. I mean…. typos.

If you mouth the word “colorful” to someone, it looks like you are saying “I love you”.
So as I close this tonight… I say to all of you…. “colorful”

“Learning never exhausts the mind.” – Leonard da Vinci

“I am still learning.” -Michelangelo

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