Chain Reaction

I have a screaming headache tonight. I think it is the direct result of the collision of charged particles with atoms in the high altitude atmosphere. Actually, it is the geomagnetic storm… which is causing these particles to expand outward to the lower altitudes.  A glow results. This is better known as the Northern Lights.

I think those Northern Lights are too beautiful for words.   This week has been amazing for them.   But of course, the previous scientific description of them….. all but kills the spectacular magic.  Yes, those Northern Lights look more like Fairy Dust on Steroids to me.  Yet….. they help me to believe in the magic of the Universe.

And now…. I have a Big Stinking Headache.

But let me back track on the cause…. just a bit. I was standing at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change.  A gentlemen in front of me was explaining to his counterpart that the Northern Lights were “all made up by the government, and they talk the elite press into reporting on that crap.” (quoted loosely)….

Even still, I could not believe my ears. The light changed and I began to cross the street. But I wanted to double-back… and ask him things like… “Did Oswald act alone?”… and……. “What is really in Area 51” ….. and ….. “Is it true that the men landing on the moon was all filmed on a back lot at Paramount Studios?”

As I walked along King Street, I was lost in thought. Disbelieving thought.  My mind was preoccupied with the concept of conspiracy theories and other big mysteries of the world….. like… was it true that you could bounce a quarter off Joan Rivers face?   Most of all….  I was totally confounded that anyone would think the Northern Lights were a fabrication of the government. And for what purpose? Holy smokes… I have to go back and find this guy…..

…when…. WHAMO!. I waked right into a fire hydrant. Straight on. (And I walk pretty fast.) Well, this took me out at about mid-thigh level. I did this make-shift Jackie Chan flip… landed mostly on my feet…  … with my momentum then carrying me into an 8 to 9 yard albatross run to regain my balance. When I finally came to a halt… I spread my arms out, stood on one leg, lifted my opposite knee to my chest… just like the Karate Kid…. and made that Kung-Fu noise… “Hiiiiiiiii Ahhhhh yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaa”

King Street is pretty dang busy with pedestrians at lunch time. A crowd had stopped to stare at the one-woman-melee. To which I began exclaiming…. “I am in training to be a Stunt Woman folks. That’s right. A very dangerous stunt woman.  All right.  Show’s over.  Nothing more to see here…. move along.”

And then I limped the rest of the way home.
I think the way my neck jerked like a Crash-Test-Dummy…… is now the main stimulus for the headache.

So… what I started out to say here… is that I have nothing to say tonight.  Sorry, I’m just completely drawing a blank…..

… and I am sure it is because of this darn headache.

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