For some silly reason, I have been thinking about Pet Peeves quite a bit today.

I don’t really feel like complaining about anything. In fact, I am in quite a good mood this evening.

But Pet Peeves are a curious thing. The origins of the saying are a bit sketchy. It started sometime in the early 1900s… and thought to be a variation of peevish. Yes. But the “Pet” part….. that is  gazoinks. Don’t you think?

It should, instead,  be “People Peeves.” I really don’t have too many issues with my pets. The closest I can think of is when I am walking the dogs… and we meet someone on the street. They say, “Oh what lovely dogs.”…. or….. “Oh what smart pups you have.” Then I get all “full” of myself, and think I have a Trio of Wonder Dogs.   At that point, one… or ALL of the dogs… will start licking their butts profusely.   Welllllll…….Look at Me and My Brilliant Canines.

But that really isn’t a pet peeve for me.

Now… people on the other hand.

You see…… Pet Peeves aren’t something I focus on. They just sort of sneak up on me during the day. They appear out of nowhere, like persistent weeds pushing through a crack in the cement.

And then…. they appear…. and….. well …… I lose it. Ka-bloooooey. The lid blows right off the ol’ jar.

Okay.  Here is one.  It makes me a little crazy when people use those worn-out cliche’s all the time… Like “24/7” and “At the end of the day….” or… “It is what it is.”   Guh. Guh. And triple Guh.  Switch it up, will ya’?  How about 10,080/7.

I guess I use my fair share of useless phrases… like… “Holy Smackerels” and “Whoppa Paloooza”… and “Well, dang if that doesn’t look like a bowl of Steamed Carrots to ME!” So I will work hard to tamper those down a bit.

Another, is people who chew with their mouths open. I hope I don’t do this one…. and just don’t realize it. This one sends me through the roof.

I don’t like it when someone looks over my shoulder. I am also not crazy about people who stand too close.

Public hacking. Not the kind that happens on computers. Nope. I mean the kind that sounds like an individual is imitating “Jabba the Hut” expelling a furry cat from his big lumpy throat. Not only do they sound like they are being Heimlich-ed from their toes… they proceed to produce a ball of goop… which they expel on the sidewalk.  Again.  I say…. Guh.

What about people who say “No Problem.” when you say “Thank you.” It typically should go like this. I say “Thank you.” Then the counterpart replies, “You are welcome.” When someone says “No Problem.”…. it makes me think that I have asked… “Is there some sort of problem here?”

People who don’t flush… OR people who pee all the heck over toilet seats. Why, I ask you….. WHY?

Oh… these are just a few that are on the brain channel tonight. I was in a great mood when I started writing this…. and now I am all worked up. Jacked right out of shape…. just like that…. I am.  Steaming out the ears.

When I think about these things… I simply lose my Inner Peace.

It happens to me…. 9 times out of Zen.



“Let us forgive each other – only then will we live in peace” – Leo Nikolaevech Tolstoy

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