Head you lose. Tails I win.

There are a lot of things in life that can be the proverbial Double Edge Sword. Yes. Two sides with two sharp blades. The old tricky “Catch-22” where one is damned if one does, and one is damned if one doesn’t. Two sides of the flippin’ coin.

Today is one of those days for me. I love Football…. both college and pro. But the NFL is my big GO-TO sport I like to watch on TV. The Superbowl, obviously, is the climax of the season. So while I love to watch the Bowl… I become equally sad, because it means that football is gone until next the next season.

Everything about this game is incredibly interesting to me. It doesn’t matter if one of my teams are playing or not. (Well….. I don’t actually own any NFL teams.  But I DO have one of those games with the metal football field that buzzes when you turn up the black knob …. and then…..  you put the little plastic players on it… and watch them all fall down.  I love that thing.  But what I meant originally is the teams I “root” for all year long.)

But back to the game.   In addition to the actual competition….. I like  ALL the other things that go on “around” the game.  The BIG snacky-time  for one. I went to a Superbowl party tonight and we ate great food the entire time. Yay for us.  Among other things… we had Sausage Dip, Crabmeat Dip, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Nacho Dip…  what a bunch of Dips!

Here’s the other thing.  I never drink too many Diet Cokes during the game.  No way.   If you drink too much of anything… you have to pee.  That means getting up and going to the restroom.  That means missing the commercials…. which is unacceptable. (My favorite this year…. Doritos Great Dane Commercial. “You didn’t see nuttin.”)

Yes, the hype is not hype when it all turns out to be true. Right from the flip of the coin….. which is also interesting. In 45 Super Bowls to date, the opening coin toss has come up heads 24 times and tails 21 times. The NFC has won the toss 31 times out of 45, including a remarkable 14 straight years. The team that wins the coin toss is 22-23 all-time and has lost 10 of the last 15 Super Bowls.

Tonight the Patriots won the coin toss. Heads. They lost the game.

The big winners were any people that registered for a free Papa John’s Pizza …..IF the coin toss came up heads.  As mentioned before…. it did.   The big losers…. those who didn’t register…. and of course…. Papa John’s.  They will be tossing a whole bunch of free pies.

Some people don’t like pro sports saying the athletes get paid too much, and are idolized by society. I think both are true. But just like I know that Hellman’s Mayonaise probably isn’t the best food for me… I sure do love to slather it on a turkey sandwich.

Others purport that football is a violent sport. Again, I agree. But just like I know banging my head against the wall probably is the thing that is giving me a headache… I continue to do it anyway.  I like the big “thud” noise it makes.

It is Human Nature. And a Double Edge Sword.

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